Our Family

We are Kyle and Kristen Henry, and we produce grass-finished beef right here in the Ohio Appalachian foothills. We are the third generation to produce food from this land and are committed to regenerating the soil for the next generation! Our goal is to give our cattle the best life possible, and provide you with extraordinarily clean, excellent-tasting beef. When you order from us, your beef is grass finished on our pastures - not source from random suppliers, like the big corporations. 

Here’s how we’re different:

  • We are climate positive, carbon negative due to our grazing management practices. Our pastures sequester up to 600 tons of carbon into the soil every year. This improves the land instead of degrading it, building topsoil to feed future generations.
  • We don’t cut corners. This means we don’t feed antibiotics, give hormones, or feed GMOs. We do not spray pesticides, herbicides, or fungicides. We are dedicated to being chemical-free.
  • 100% grass-finished on diverse natural pastures. We go beyond the typical grass finished operations. Our cattle are always on fresh pastures, where they graze on a diversity of plants. Providing higher nutrition and the best tasting beef is a top priority. 
  • We are patient. If cattle aren’t ready to harvest, we wait until they are. This helps assure we are providing the best quality for our customers. 
  • Dry-aged beef. Aged beef is simply richer and considerably more tender than standard beef. We finish our cattle on cool season pasture forage, growing naturally in our Appalachian foothills. These grasses produce excellent flavor and marbling because they are at their peak nutrition content!
  • Always humane. We believe it is our responsibility to give our animals the best opportunity to thrive. To lock them in a barn on concrete or have them around a feed bunk day after day is unthinkable for us. Cattle are built to graze, and we give them that opportunity every day. 
  • We are dedicated to honesty and integrity. We are committed to your health through the beef we raise.

Place your order today with Grace Meadows Farm! We look forward to adding you to our family of happy customers!